Friday, February 14, 2014

Fashion Friday-- Olivia from Fresh Modesty

Hey y'all! I'm Olivia from Fresh Modesty I am a Christian and through grace I live to serve others. The Lord has given me a passion for modest style and sharing the joy of "Dressing outside your box, but inside His Book". I post several times a week on my fashion blog with the goal of encouraging others in the quest to be "Cute, but covered. Stylish, but sensible! Contemporary, but classic! Feminine, but fresh!"
Eden asked me to share an outfit with y'all today for her Fashion Friday, so here I am! Since it's Valentine's Day, I chose something pink. :) 

//outfit details//
Embellished tank top: Charlotte Russe brand: thredUP: Free w/credit
Skirt: ING brand: thredUP: Free w/credit
Cardigan: Mossimo brand: Thrift store: $1
Earrings: Gift

 My cardigan is actually a dark burgundy color and I think it compliments the bright pink really well. I just got this skirt last week and already it's a major favorite. Nothing quite as practical as a brown tiered cotton skirt. My tank is embellished with a little bit of sparkle, which I think is perfect for this holiday! :)

 Thank you so much for this opportunity, Eden! May the Lord use this blog to encourage many girls!

What are you wearing in the spirit of Valentine's Day?


Ashley B. said...

I am a fan and follower of Olivia's blog and I think her outfit is so cute. I think your blog is absolutely lovely as well, so I will definitely follow.=)

Ashley B.
Like No Other Fashion

Esther O. said...

I'm wearing jeans a long-sleeve shirt that's dyed lighter pink fading into darker pink at the bottom. I actually wasn't thinking of Valentine's Day when I put it on. =)

I love your tiered skirt, Olivia! (I need a tiered skirt!) I already follow both Fresh Modesty and Eden's Evaluations, so it was very neat to see you, Olivia, on here. =)


Elanee said...

I like your outfit Olivia. It was very well coordinated, and I think the pink is a great color for you!

Today I'm wearing a red shawl, and Red converse shoes, and (my personal favorite) pink socks with red hearts, and rabbits on the toes, holding roses, and saying " I Love you". My mom got me these socks for my birthday, and I just couldn't wait to wear them today:)

Stepheny said...

Love this outfit!!! So pretty.. On valentines day I wore a navy blue vest with a pink long sleeve shirt and a pink and white striped scarf, and since I had to work, I wore a red apron.