Friday, January 24, 2014

Fashion Friday ~ Abbie from The Blue Tree House

Hello all!

My name is Abbie and I blog over at The Blue Tree House. I've blogged for a number of years but only recently began blogging specifically for young ladies. At The Blue Tree House, it is my desire to encourage young Christian women in their walk with the Lord. You'll find topics ranging from purposeful living to fashion to recipes to sewing.

Eden contacted me a few weeks ago and requested that I do a Fashion Friday post. I was more than happy to oblige. I've chosen a dressy outfit to share today.

I paired a classic jacket with a versatile black skirt. I also wore a flutter shirt that added a nice feminine touch. 
(Yes, those are all my books. :) I enjoy reading.)

Wearing just a simple black and white pearl necklace adds to the classic look of this outfit. 

White flutter shirt: Goodwill: $2
Light green jacket: Goodwill: $4
Black skirt: HannahLise: $25
Black flats (not shown): Goodwill: $5
Necklace: Kohls: long time ago

As evidenced by the list above, I love shopping at Goodwill. A couple of tips for shopping at GW (or any thrift store). Find out if your local GW has a sale day. My store has a 50% off a particular color tag each Monday. I try to shop only on Mondays so I can find stuff that is 50% off. Also, know your style and what you're looking for before you enter the store. It can be tempting to buy, buy, buy because it's all so cheap. Set limits for how much you'll spend for various items. Example: up to $4 for a casual shirt, up to $6 for a dressy top, up to $8 for skirts or dresses. Obviously, your local thrift stores may have higher or lower prices depending on where you are in the world. Keep in mind that you can dress nicely on a budget. 

Stop by The Blue Tree House if you have a moment and say "hello." I'd love to hear from you!


Elanee said...

Very nice outfit Abbie, and I appreciate your tips for Goodwill shopping. I think we all can get a little carried away sometimes.

Stepheny said...

Awesome outfit Abbie... Very pretty! ;) glad you were able to do a FF post!! Enjoyed it and hopefully will see you on here again!