Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Hey Everyone!

 As most of you know, I have a small jewelry shop called Classy Me Jewelry. (Don’t bother going to the website… I really don’t do anything with it! :P)   Anyway, although I really don’t sell online, (I hope to get that going this year) I did want to share with you three of my new and favorite designs.  Excuse the bad photos. ;)

So... what do you think?? Would you were jewelry like that??  What is your favorite type of jewelry to wear??

Looking forward to hearing from you!


shiloh said...

The first picture I like the best
#2 no #3 maybe :)

Elanee said...

Very pretty Eden!!!!!! Although I prefer small earings, I especially like the first style you have created. It looks very classy, and would go with any outfit I'm sure:) keep the great ideas coming:)

Hannah Song said...

I'd totally wear those! :O They're so pretty! :)

Raechel said...

They're very pretty! I'd wear them if I had my ears pierced :D