Friday, July 24, 2015

Fashion Friday || Me

Hey People!
I'm finally getting around to doing another Fashion Friday... I just bought an iPod touch, so hopefully that means I'll be doing more fashion posts!!!! 

When it comes to taking pictures of an outfit... I'm really bad at it! Like... seriously bad at it! I guess I don't like to take the time to pose or anything...? I don't know. ;) Anyway, I attended a wedding this past week and made sure that I got someone to take pictures of my outfit.  Annnnnd after looking at them, I was like, wow, I look awkward! But hey, whatever. ;)
THUMBS UP for awkward poses people!
Ok, so this is the overall look of the outfit, pretty simple! Dress, flats, and earrings.  Since it was a simple, summer, and outdoor wedding, I didn't really want to over do it. (Plus, the drive was over an hour... yeah...)

Um... an awkward "the sun is in my eyes hurry up and take the picture" picture.
Another full shot of the outfit. :)

And yes, these are my shoes. :) I really would've preferred to wear heels, but currently, the only "wedding appropriate" shoes I own right now, are these. ;)

Dress: Sorella Bella ~ Click HERE to read my review on it.
 Shoes: Thrift Store
Earrings: Gift 

My hair... um yeah, ok so I had a really bad hair day that day.  Think a combination of freshly washed (i.e. slippery) and lots of humidity. (I'm letting that sink in for a minute... yeah you get the picture. ;)) But yeah, I french braided it on one side, and twisted on the other side, and joined it in the back.  For makeup, I kept it pretty simple with a my normal routine plus a sparkly nude eye, a bit of silver eye liner, and mascara. :)

And this picture, yes I had to throw it in. ;) That's my older sister Bethany and I, we love making the best of every moment. ;) 

So that's it! I hope you all enjoyed that! Leave a comment if you liked it or... didn't like it, haha!


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Giveaway Winner!

Hey Everyone! 

Just wanted to announce the giveaway winner of the Happee Body giveaway! Thanks all for entering! :)

First though, as usual, a huge Happy Birthday to...
1. Virginia ~ June 14
2. Isabella ~ August 2
3. Julia ~ August 26
4. Esther ~ September 16

And finally, a huge congratulations to...
Miss Esther O! 
Your prize will arrive shortly! 

For the rest of you, just a heads up, this will be the last giveaway for awhile because Eden's Evaluations is going to be switching gears a little bit. So check back on August 1 (hopefully) for a big announcement! :) Thanks all for entering! :):):)

Born Pretty Store || Review

Hey Everyone! 

Today I'm doing another collab with Born Pretty Store.

About (from Facebook): " is a global online retail website that delivers products directly to consumers around the world. BornPrettyStore offer consumers for a wide selection of nail art products at attractive prices through BornPrettyStore's products in the core categories of Nail Art, Makeup, Jewelry and Watches."

Today I'm thrilled to be reviewing two pairs of earrings and two necklaces! :) Check out the picture collage below.
Upper left picture we have the Gold-plated Pierced Earrings Bohemian Temperament priced at $3.11 and available in both gold and black. 
Upper right picture is the lovely Chic Bow Arrow Shaped Necklace Chain Link Necklace priced at $1.99.
And lastly, lower right picture is the Nickel Diamond Crystal Zircon Stud Earrings priced at $0.99.

What I Thought ~ I'll start with the Gold-plated Bohemian Earrings-- which are so so lovely. They also come in black, but I think the gold really goes with the Bohemian look.  These earrings could be used to totally dress up a fancy outfit or add the finishing touch to a casual but colorful outfit.  The only thing I didn't like about them was the weight, they were a little on the heavy side. They are also a little on the big side, but some girls really rock those type of earrings. ;) 

Next is the Chic Bow Arrow Necklace which I really like. It's causal enough to wear with a t-shirt, but nice enough to look really cute. ;)  The chain is perfect length thanks to the adjustable width, and it's not too thick.  The only thing that I found slightly annoying was the arrow was just a little too curved, but that's not really a problem haha. 

The two strand gold triangle pendant necklace is also a favorite! These statement necklaces are so causal that you can totally wear them with simple outfits to perk them up. I like everything about the necklace, its simple, the adjustable chain, the chain width, and the overall look.

Lastly, the diamond stud earrings are terrific. They are perfect for adding a sparkle to everyday wear. They're really tiny, but have a big sparkle. They go with just about anything. The only thing I didn't like about them was the rubber back things... I prefer metal clasps but that's totally just me. 

Overall, I'm really happy with everything I received from Born Pretty Store! So please visit their website and see what treasures you come upon!  If you use the coupon code EDET10, you'll get 10%.  With that, the amazing prices, and free worldwide shipping, you're getting a sweet deal! So go check em' out right now! ;)

Rating: 5 Stars!
Recommend to a Friend? Yes.
Cons: Listed in review. :)

 Have a great day and stay tuned for the big announcement on August 1! ;)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Fashion Friday || Alexa

Hey Everybody!

 My name is Alexa, I don't have a blog but I met Eden through some of my friends that know her. I do have an etsy shop that you can check out here!
I hope you enjoy!
I love this outfit because first of all I love chevron and maxi dress/skirts and it's comfortable! It's strapless but I just wear a sweater with it. :)
Where I got everything:

Dress: Ross (the belt came with the dress)
Sweater: Thrift Store
Earrings: Claire's
Necklace: Gift
Ring: Etsy

Comment and let Alexa know what you thought of her outfit! :)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Happee Body || Giveaway

Hey Everyone! 
Remember THIS review? Well, I promised a giveaway from the same company and thats exactly what I'm doing today. :) 
Hey Everyone!

About: Organic and delightful, everyday spa products for every woman. (For more detailed information on Happee Body, click HERE!

For this giveaway, Happee Body has donated one of their lip balms! Have fun entering! :) 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, July 10, 2015

Fashion Friday || Margaret

Hey Everyone! Our original young lady for today's Fashion Friday cancelled last minute, so a huge Thank You to Margaret for coming to the rescure! 
Hi, my name is Margaret and my fashion blog is

I think that one of the most common problems people have when it comes to dressing is comfort. 
Everyone wants to be comfortable in their clothes but few people think about feeling comfortable, or confident, in their clothing. 
The way that you feel in your clothing is reflected in how others see you. 
When you feel beautiful and confident, most likely others will see you as beautiful and confident.
Once someone told me "I would think that those heels would really hurt your feet, but you look so comfortable!" 
I would never want someone to look at my shoes and say,
“Oh my! They look so comfortable!”
But I laughed because I did feel comfortable! 
Ok, maybe my feet would have felt better in a pair of sneakers, but when I put on a pair of heels I feel like I can do anything, and to me that is far more important than my feet feeling like they are at the spa! 

I encourage all of you to wear clothes that aren't just "comfortable," but make you feel comfortable and confident in the beautiful body God has given you!
You can check out my blog and signup for email notifications on posts at:

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Style J || Review

Hey Everyone! 

About a year ago, I did a review on this awesome company called Style J. (Click HERE to see that review!) I'm really excited to be doing another review for my old and brand new followers!  So let's get started! :)

About (from Facebook, for more information, click HERE): "Style J offers you high quality fashionable denim skirts in a wide array of lengths, sizes, and styles." 

Two of my favorite products from Style J would include... 
Picture from
...the "Weekend Fun White Skirt" ~ Normally $35.00 but it's on sale right now for only $25.00!
My other favorite would be...
Picture from
...the "Black Swan Pencil Skirt" ~ Normally $40.00 but it's on sale right now for only $30.00! And by the way, that is one awesome name for a skirt. ;) #balletdancer

For this review, Style J sent me their beautiful "Sparkle Me Blue" denim skirt! 
Picture from
What I Thought: Seriously people, I love this skirt!  It features an a-line style, five different pockets, distressed/faded effect, rhinestone embellishments, and a fringe hem.  

The fit is perfect... I've found that some denim skirts can be stiff and "ride up" but this one is comfortable and hangs very nicely. 

I also really liked the overall styling features of this skirt. I think I would definitely it as... Shabby Chic. I love the sparkles on all the pockets and the wrinkle effect! I also really like the fringed hem at the bottom. This skirt is really easy to dress up with a blouse, fancy shoes, and jewelry for a nice occasion, but also easy to pair with a quick t-shirt and flip flops to sport at a causal event.  

Overall, this skirt is now a staple in my wardrobe. For everyday wear or out on the town, you choose! 
I am a huge Style J fan.  Their skirts are not only extremely well made, but they are also very stylish, modest, and affordable. The skirt I got last year is still holding up extremely well, even though I tend to over-wear it. ;) 

Please go to to see the entire selection of skirts that Style J carries.  Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  They seriously have the best denim skirts!! I highly recommend them! 

Rating: 5 Stars
Recommend to a friend? Already have. :) 

In closing, a huge THANK YOU goes to the customer service at Style J for making this review possible! :) :) 

Stay tuned for another giveaway and (whispers) video! ;) 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Fashion Friday || Claire

Hi ladies, my name is Claire from " The Wonders of His Creation" (  To start off,  I  want to give a big thanks to Eden for allowing me to do this fashion Friday.  I had a lot of fun putting the outfit together.
I am going to call this outfit comfy, cozy and bright.  Maxi skirts are a must in my closet.  They are comfortable and easy to dress up or dress down.  
Where I got everything:
Maxi Skirt: Forever 21
Leggings: Forever 21
Shirt: Marshalls
Cami: Target
Jean Jacket: Goodwill
Flip Flops: Fred Meyer
Necklace: Gift
Earrings: Claire's 
For my hairdo I simply curled it and pinned my bangs back.
Have a blessed week!

"The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork." Psalm 19:1

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happee Body || Review and Upcoming Giveaway

Hey Everyone! 

Today I have another exciting giveaway and the sure promise of a giveaway that will be coming later this month! Like, I totally promise! :) 

How many of you have heard of...

Well, if you haven't heard of them before, you're about to! 

About: Organic and delightful, everyday spa products for every woman. (For more detailed information on Happee Body, click HERE!)

Two of my absolute favorite products from Happee Body would have to be...
Picture from
...Happee Body Anti-Acne Sulfur Face & Bar / Soap. ~ $7.00
Picture from
...Happee Body Dream Cream Facial Milk Moisturizer. ~ $15.00

For this review, Happee Body sweetly sent some of their Fresh Vanilla Foot Cream
Picture from
 What I Thought: I'm a ballet dancer and one who doesn't like to sit around, so therefore I'm on my feet a lot... and, of course, its always said that your feet deserve good treatment because they do so much for you. ;)  That being said, I was really excited to try this product! 

Made with simple but organic ingredients ( premium vanilla EO, shea butter, organic EVOO), this product is seriously on point.  It moisturizes, softens, smooths, and overall feels great.  It is slightly runny though, so be careful when opening your container. ;)  

The scent of this product was also delightful, but it smelled a bit more like baby powder then fresh vanilla? Don't get me wrong, it smells absolutely amazing!
With Summer comes beautiful but hot and dry weather... so you're going to need something to moisturize your body.  Happee Body not only carries awesome foot products, but awesome items for face and body. 
Overall, I love this product! It made my feel soft, smooth, hydrated, and smell great. Use this, and your feet will thank you.  It's organic, it healthy, and you'll get amazing results.  I really encourage you all to check out Happee Body!  Not only will you love their products, but you're friends will too... in other words, these products make great gifts for birthdays, weddings, and other great occasions. :) Check out their website, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Pinterest

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars. 
Recommend to a Friend? Yes.
Cons?  The foot cream was a little on the runny side, but that's not a big problem. 

In closing, I'd like to send many thanks to Marge from Happee Body for making this review and upcoming giveaway possible! Oh yes, giveaway! I'm excited to be giving away a tin of lip balm from Happee Body later this July! So be sure to follow my blog so you don't miss that. ;) 
Have an awesome summer!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Fashion Friday || Jamie P.

Hey everyone! 
Please check out my blog! :) I am having a giveaway RIGHT now so go check it out HERE!

Now, my outfit! :) 
My hair! :) I did it my self! ;P 
I was going to add a braid or twist but was in kinda a hurry and couldn’t. : / 
Also I am REALLY into owls so this is my FAVORITE necklace! :P 
My shoes! I LOVE these shoes!!! :O They are GREAT shoes!  
My whole outfit! 

Dress: Target
Leggings: Walmart
Shoes: Walmart
Belt: Walmart
Bracelet: HobbyLobby

Thank you Jamie! Be sure to check out her blog and leave her a comment here and on her blog,

Sunday, June 21, 2015

HairZing Giveaway Winner!

Hey Everyone! 

Today I have the utmost pleasure of announcing the winner of the HairZing giveaway!
Also, if you are still interested in making a purchase, please use my coupon code, EDEN10Z.

First, as always, let's wish the following young ladies a huge Happy Birthday! (These are our Summer birthdays)
1. Carissa Rose ~ July 19
2. Julia Ryan ~ August 26

Happy Birthday you two!!! 

And now, the giveaway winner! 
Congratulations to....

Miss Anna Beth S.

Your prize will arrive shortly! For the rest of you, stay tuned, I have some more giveaways coming!  Also: Please leave me a comment with your email if you are interested in doing a Fashion Friday!  (I won't publish this comment. :))

Friday, June 19, 2015

Fashion Friday || Margaret

Hello Everyone! 
It’s Margaret again from

"I wish I was shorter so that this would fit!" I complained while shopping recently. 
A teen who was probably about five feet tall heard my comment. 
She looked me up and down, laughed, and then rolled her eyes. 
I knew what she was thinking: "I wish I was taller!"
Everyone has something about them that makes shopping difficult. 
We all have that one article of clothing that we can never find in the right size.
People comment on my long legs, but they have no idea how hard it is to find dresses that fit me well and aren’t too short! 
This dress is one of my favorites because it is a nice length and I can wear heels with it or booties like I did here.
The true about clothing is that we are all different so there is never going to be a specific style or cut that works perfectly for everyone. 
However the amazing thing about fashion is that it is always growing. 
Sooner or later that dress will probably come in the right length and waist size.
But, in the meantime, be happy with the size YOU come in!
Be sure to check out my blog at

Monday, June 15, 2015

Deadline Extended!

Hey Everyone! 

Just wanted to let you all know that I extended the giveaway for HairZing! So click HERE or the image below to enter to win your very own HairZing! If you order, please use coupon code, EDEN10Z for 10% off your order!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Fashion Friday || Hannah

Hey there, all you gals that follow Eden's blog! :)

This here is MarinaRose {A.K.A.---Hannah H.}
I am a daughter of the King of Kings, born and half-raised in the sunny state of California, and now residing in Washington state. I'm 16, going on 17 and have plenty of younger siblings who keep me busy 24/7....
I am a lover of organization, pistachio ice creme, Navy blue, movie marathons, the song group 'Sanctus Real', maxi skirts, old movies and tv shows, anything BBQ, flipflops, long road trips, cooking,  staying up all hours of the night being crazy, and plain havin' fun! Yep, that's me:) I'm both a night owl and an early bird....oh, yes...and I have the cutest kid brother this side of the Rio Grande. But above all, I strive to glorify God in all that I do.
 But now to the details of the outfits...and frankly, it took me ever so long to pick an outfit that Eden is letting me do two:P
 And my apologies on the quality/lighting for some of the pics:P I took them with a phone---not a smart phone. No, this one was seriously having some dumb problems...

Details of this pink outfit....And literally, 'I wear this when I don't care what I look like.' haha:P
Pink Shirt ~ Goodwill
Maxi Skirt ~ Goodwill {Love that store:)}
Flipflops ~ Costco
Sunglasses ~ Walmart
Earrings ~ My Sister
Anchor Necklace ~ Made by me:P

For my hair-do, I simply straightened it to lose some frizz. Hey! Do you all like the background? It was so worth risking getting hit by a car:) haha.

Now I just love Navy blue, so when I found this extra large sized maxi skirt...I set out to make myself a dress!
Details of this Navy blue outfit:
Maxi Dress ~ I made from a maxi skirt originally bought at Fred Meyers
Jean Jacket ~ Goodwill (From Old Navy last year)
Flipflops ~ Costco
Earrings ~ My Sister
Anchor Necklace ~ I made it {isn't it super adorbs?!}
So, what do you think? Does the dress look more cute with or without the jean jacket?
Oh, and my hair was just perfect to toss back in a cute 1940's style.

Okay, Thanks a million, Eden!! You're blog is Awesome:D