Thursday, January 29, 2015

Princess Sock Bun || Video Tutorial

Hey People! 

I'm back again and since it's Thursday, I have another video for you all! 

While my cousins were visiting, I had the utmost fun doing their hair and trying out different styles... this Princess Sock Bun is one of the styles I came up with.

This hairstyle works best on medium length hair, and since I have really long hair, it was a bit of a challenge doing this on myself. ;) (You'll notice that in the video).  Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy it, and please don't forget to...
....cause that would be awesome. ;)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Deluvia || Review

Hello to all my *amazing* blog followers! 

I hope you all have been doing well, I for one, have been extremely busy, but living life to the fullest! :) A few of my many cousins came up to visit last week, and we had so. much. fun. If you haven't seen the Cousin Q&A Vid, you need to click HERE right now. ;)

Ok, let's get to the point of this blog post... I'm here to introduce you all to... 
Website || Facebook || Twitter 

About: "Deluvia Inc manufactures several lines of organic and all natural skincare products." Click HERE for more information!

 I had so much fun looking through the Deluvia website, they carry so many amazing products!  These are just a few of my favorites...
The Aloe Product line... for those of you who don't know, I am an Aloe Vera NUT!!!!!
Their Demure Mineral Lip Gloss... I love lip gloss, are you a lip stick or lip gloss girl?
The Many Different Mineral Eye Makeup Colors!
So yeah, those are three out of many favorite products!

For this review, Deluvia graciously sent me...
...their delightful Rejuvenating Facial Cream from their Dead Sea Organic line!

They also sent me a packet of their

Mineral Mud Mask which is also from their Dead Sea Organic Line!

What I Thought: I decided to try the Rejuvenating Facial Cream first, and broke into it one of the days my cousins were here.  Unfortunately, since I have combination skin and not extremely dry skin, the rejuvenating cream was wayyyyyyy to oily for me!!! :P  I was a little disappointed as I stood in the bathroom looking at the cream, when my hyper cousin (yeah, we have a lot in common ;)) burst in saying that she had completely to pack her face lotion, and wondered if I could loan her something for her "really really dry skin."  I was like hey, use this!!!! I gave her the facial cream, told her all about it, and she got really excited. She gave it a try that night, and volià! It was the perfect thing for her extremely dry skin.   It soothed, moisturized, and nourished her skin, making it soft and even more beautiful!  So even though this cream didn't work for my skin, it worked wonders on her skin! ;)
If you have very dry skin, this creamy formula is absolutely perfect for you!
 It gets 5 gold stars!!!

Moving onto the mineral mud mask... I totally loved it.  It was fun and easy to apply while leaving your skin hydrated and smooth.  My favorite thing is that it cleans the pores, removing dirt, impurities, and excess oil.  It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles, gently exfoliates, and rebalances the skin.  I'm a big mask fan, so this was the perfect thing for me, haha! ;) It's also totally fine for any skin times, which is great.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with the Deluvia products and I would really like to purchase and try some of their mineral makeup!  Please visit their website HERE (currently they are having free shipping on $50+ orders, so be sure to check that out) and don't forget to like their Facebook page! :)

Rating: 5 Stars
Recommend to a Friend? Yes! :)

In closing, I'd like to thank Deluvia for making this review possible! :) Thank you!!!

Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway! :D 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Fashion Friday || Brigid B.

 Hello there! I’m Brigid, the Middle Sister of the Boyer Family Singers, a Creative Lifestyle blog that I share with my two sisters. A seamstress and singer by trade, I am a child of God, striving to be more like my Savior each day, while filling my days with tasks such as dressmaking (Inspired by the styles of the vintage eras), cooking (Asian cuisine is my favorite!), baking (anything chocolate), and checking up on my friends in the blogosphere. Today I want to share with you all an outfit that I wore the other day in the cold, cold winter of my home-state, Ohio.

 Coat: Costco // Sweater: Thrifted-Tommy Hilfiger // Skirt: Me-made // T-shirt: J.Crew via Thredup // Neckerchief: Vintage // Petticoat: Made by my Mom // Boots: ShoeShine via Amazon
Half circle skirts paired with sweaters are one of my favorite looks for winter! It reminds me so much of the 1940’s/50’s styles. This particular outfit combines one of my favorite plaid skirts with one of my newest thrifted treasures: a Tommy Hilfiger sweater. Isn’t the silhouette just cunning? I love how it sits just perfectly at my waist, emphasizing the vintage style of the outfit. To keep a little warmer, and add some finesse to the outfit, I added a vintage neckerchief that picked up  the mustard and rust shades from my skirt.

As you can see, we have snow on the ground here in Ohio, and going out without coats and boots is not an option. So on top of my outfit I layered my new favorite coat (Hello warmth!), and shod my feet with some handy grey boots, which happen to be the only pair of such shoes in my closet, so they have been getting a lot of wear this year.

Thanks again Eden for letting me share my outfit on your beautiful blog! I do hope some of you ladies will stop by and pay me and my sisters a visit over at our little corner of the web, There you’ll find posts of our outfits, lifestyle, anything that has to do with the vintage eras, and much, much more.

Brigid, the Middle Sister and Singer

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cousin Q&A || Video

Hey Everyone! 

Thank you all so much for submitting questions for the Cousin Q&A movie!  My cousins and I had so much fun answering all of them!  
Today, you finally get to see the finished movie and if you like it, don't forget to send it to *your* cousin! It would also be awesome if you were to subscribe to my channel. ;) (Click HERE)

One of my followers sent me an amazing photo of her the french braid she tried after watching my tutorial. Didn't she do a great job? 

And now, the video... hope you all enjoy! :) :) Don't forget to comment, like, and subscribe!  Oh, and just fyi, you'll notice in the movie that we're all bundled up... this was because we filmed in the basement and lets just say it was kinda cold. ;)

Ready, Set, WATCH!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Stranded on an Island || Blog Tag

So yeah... I've been tagged by Miss Grace from I thought the tag sounded pretty fun and decided to do it! Read on, if you dare! ;)

  Thanks to this questionnaire, I'm supposedly stranded on a remote island, and with that in mind here we go!

You can have one food item (besides all the fish you catch!) so what do you choose?
Pizza... you can put so many different toppings on a pizza! 

You can only have one beverage besides fresh water- what do you pick?
Coffee... or... root beer... or... :P

What ONE outfit would you bring to wear (top, bottom, shoes)?
Um... one of my favorite t-shirts, flip flops, and a cool skirt.

1 Author- You get all the books they've ever written.
Ummm.... I don't read very much... the Bible. That's all I can think of right now. :P 

1 Magazine- you'll get one each month!
National Geographic or something interesting like that.

1 freebie item (other than your phone)
My computer, of course!

While struggling to stay alive, what cool thing could you do for 1 whole year?
Swimming, ballet... oh, the list is endless. ;)

Best thing about solo island living: the beach, do WHATEVER I want, great tan, or a lot of "alone time".
The beach.

Ickiest thing about your so called paradise: too much alone time, awful sunburn, learning to fish, or sand in everything?
Too much alone time. I'm an extrovert. 

Yay! You're finally rescued! Who is the first person you'd want to see?
  My family, my extended family, and my best friend. 

First thing you'd do-
Something awesome with my family. 

First thing you'd want to eat-
Chinese or Mexican food. :P 

 Ok, that was pretty fun, thanks Grace, for tagging me! ;) :)
I tag-
Bethany from Bets TidBits
Emily from Writing Girl
Elanee from Elanee's Endeavors

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Perfect Bridesmaid Ensemble || Weddington Way

I've never been one of those girls who has their wedding completely planned out... that's just not my personality. But hey... when Weddington Way asked me to participate in their Bridesmaid Ensemble challenge, I thought it sounded fun and decided to give it a shot! 

So here's the challenge...  "If you were the Maid of Honor and the bride asked you to style the bridesmaid look for her big day, what would you suggest?" (The theme being Winter Wonderland)

>>> Let's set the scene... <<<

Let's say one of my good friends is getting married, and out of all her friends, she choices me (yes, me) to be her Maid of Honor. Wow, How cool is that?! 

One day, while we're excitedly chatting on the phone, she announces that she wants a "stress-free engagement" and therefore is leaving all the bridesmaid style to me...yes, me.  Being that I love challenges, I accept this one, and start to plan, match, style, coordinate, annnnnd the list goes on.  

First things first though... the Bride requested that whatever I do, I must stick to her chosen theme... Winter Wonderland. After all, thanks to a winter wedding, her pictures will be taken in amidst the pure witness of snow... how beautiful!  With this in mind, I head over to and begin my searching.  So many choices to choose from, this will be fun!

I begin with colors... when I think Winter Wonderland, I think of winter, snow, snowflakes, ice, and overall, beautiful scenery.   Maybe red would be a good color... perhaps burgundy???  But I decide against that, knowing the bride wants Winter Wonderland... not Christmas town. ;)  I choose to try for a blue color... when I think Winter Wonderland in a color, I think silvery blue.

I continue scrolling through the many beautiful Chiffon gowns, until one in particular catches my eye.
Picture from
Yes. I had found the perfect bridesmaid dress.  The icy blue with touches of silver made a Winter Wonderland come alive in my mind. 

Now that I am convinced I have found the perfect bridesmaid dress, I move onto the Flower Girl's dress... this one wasn't too hard to find... pure cuteness!
Picture from
 These adorable shoes and lovely hair piece complete her perfect look.
Picture from
Picture from
Thankfully, I don't have to worry about the Groomsmen, so I move onto jewelry, hair, shoes, makeup, etc. 

For earrings, I quickly decide on these stunning drop earrings, since they remind me of the crystal clearness of a winter wonderland.
Picture from
The dress doesn't seem to need a necklace, so I turn my attention to bracelets, and select this delicate one that goes well with the earrings.
Picture from
 Now onto shoes! I want the personality of each bridesmaid to come out in her shoes, so I resolve to let them pick their own style, within some parameters. I still want the Winter Wonderland theme to come through in their shoes, so I ask the other bridesmaids to base their choices off the ones pictured below... frosted and snowy looking.
For the makeup, I really want to draw out the winter look, but not overdo it! Here's some ideas...
Pictures from
Hair is another thing I'll leave up to the bridesmaid, but of course I will give them a few ideas to work off of. ;) 
Pictures from
Oh... and we can't forget nails! I want a classy, but very fun look! How about these two choices...
Pictures from
Last but not least, a wintery clutch for each bridesmaid from
Picture from
Whew... I think that's everything! Of course... I can't forget to play "Winter Wonderland" while us bridesmaids are preparing for the wedding! ;)


So there you have it! Hope you all enjoyed that rather lengthy post! ;) 
I'd like to give a huge thank you to Weddington Way for asking me to join in on this challenge!!! Thanks!! Also, please click HERE to check out the gorgeous Chiffon dresses they sell!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Fashion Friday || Elizabeth A.

Fashion Friday || Styling a Summer Dress for Winter.

Hey there! I’m Elizabeth. A handful of my many interests + favorites include spending time in God’s Word, learning Spanish, photography sessions, the color blue, cooking, adventuring, spending time with kiddos, chipotle chicken tacos, and laughing with my brothers. I wouldn’t consider myself a fashionista, but do enjoy piecing together outfits and am thankful to Eden for asking me to do this post!
Recently a friend was sharing how it’s nice to have clothing staples that you can mix ‘n’ match for different seasons and opportunities. Okay, so for example, I found this purple dress on a summer clearance rack. I think it’s intended to be a dress for summer, but I’ve actually been getting some good use of it in winter, too! It’s a simple dress that you can dress up or down depending on the situation and I’ve enjoyed experimenting a bit with the deep purple color. We’re currently in the Midwest “heat wave! it’s 7 degrees!” season and just got another blizzard of snowflakes, so adding layers like the skirt/scarf/cardigan/tights/boots also adds warmth on these chilly winter days. 

I wore this to church recently and also to a baby shower for my new ‘lil twin cousins. The layers also kept me surprisingly toasty as we shoveled snow after taking these pictures. [Shout-out to one of the brothers for venturing out in the cold to take these pictures!]

the details:
cardigan + dress: kohl’s
belt: thrifted
hair flower: handmade
scarf: gift [tied two corners together to create an infinity style scarf]
skirt: sewed a shorter black sundress into a skirt
boots: gift from grandparents via payless
Thanks so much to Eden for giving me the opportunity to do a Fashion Friday! What a special blessing and honor it is to be daughters of the King – may we strive to glorify Him in all we say, do, think, wear! Have a fantastic weekend, ladies!
With Joy in Christ,
“Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.” >> Psalm 27:14

Thursday, January 15, 2015

French Braid Half-Up || Video Tutorial

Hey Everyone! 

Today is Thursday, which also means I get to share another video tutorial! 

Last week, I did a quick how to fishtail braid, and After watching it, Rachel tried the tutorial on her younger sister and had amazing results! (If you try any of my hairstyles, please be sure to send me a picture so I can feature it on my blog!)

Hannah from Dance A Real submitted a question, and I totally forgot to answer it in my movie! Oh well, I'm answering it now! ;) She asks...
My Answer: Hey Hannah, thanks for the complement! ;)  Hmm... I honestly don't have that much advice to give!  If you want really long hair, don't cut it. :P Get it trimmed (not cut) about every 3-4 months. This will keep it healthy and strong. For healthier hair, I would suggest using a natural shampoo and conditioner, combing (brushing will damage wet hair) it when you get out of the shower, and avoiding heat (this is hard for those of us who loooove curling irons!! :P) and chemical products.  Other then that, drinking lots of water, a good diet, and being gentle with your hair will help keep it healthy, strong, and beautiful!  Hope that helps Hannah!! :)


Please enjoy the newest movie and don't forget to subscribe!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cousin Q&A || Giveaway Winner! :D

Hey Everyone!

Before I announce the winner of the Organic Candy Factory giveaway, please read  through the post. ;)

Last Thursday, I put out the idea of doing a Cousin Q&A video since my cousin is coming to visit.  

Therefore, I really need you all to submit questions! I've received some, but the more, the better!:) 

>> So please comment below and leave one or more questions for my cousin and I.  They can be fun questions, interesting questions, funny questions, use your imagination! <<

Ok, now we can move onto the winner.. but as always, I have to list our winter birthdays first. ;)

1. Katherine M. ~ January 11th (Hey, that's today! :D :D)
2. Sarah P. ~ January 15th
3. Sarah ~ January 29th
4. Holly H. ~ February 11th
5. Hannah B. ~ February 15th
6. Anne M. ~ February 18th
7. Jamie P. ~ February 22nd
8. Bethany Joy S. ~ March 6

>>>> Happy Birthday Everyone!!! <<<< 

And now, the winner...

::Drum Roll:: 

Miss Anne M!!!!!!

Congratulations! Your prize will come shortly!
Thanks everyone for entering, don't forget to submit your questions on this post for the Cousin Q&A! :D 


Friday, January 9, 2015

Fashion Friday || Jamie

Hey Everyone! 

This outfit is comfy and warm so it is PERFECT for winter!
I love wearing this outfit SO much because it is simple and fun!
You can wear it to ALMOST any event!!!

My black flats:  Target 
My scarf:  A friend (Alexa Crawford) 
My striped shirt: Target
My jeans: Children's Place
My owl necklace: Amazon
My bracelet: MudLove

Thanks again Eden!

Don't forget to check out Jamie's blog at,

Thursday, January 8, 2015

How to Fishtail Braid || Video Tutorial

Hey People! 

It's Thursday today and that means I get to release another movie! :D One of you requested that I do a tutorial on how to do a fishtail braid, so that's what I did. :) :)  

Before you watch the newest movie, please take a look at the lovely mug Alisha made.... (see THIS video)
Great job Alisha! 

>> If any of you try one of my hair tutorials or DIYs, don't forget to send me pictures of your beautiful work! I'd love to see it! <<

Oh, and one more quick thing... my cousin is coming next week and I thought it would be kinda fun if I did a Q&A with her, filmed it, and put it online for your enjoyment. ;) If you think this is a good idea, leave a comment containing one or more "Cousin Questions." You will have about a week and a half to leave these comments! :) If you don't think it's a good idea, leave me a comment and let me know. :) 

How To Fishtail Braid:

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Giveaway || Reminder

Hey People! 

The giveaway for The Organic Candy Factory is still going on and currently, I only have around 300 entries! 

So what are you waiting for!? Click HERE to enter now, and if you already have entered, then gain more entries by advertising the giveaway!

Have fun!!! :) :)

Friday, January 2, 2015

Fashion Friday || Laurén

Hello all! <3

My name is Laurén and I am a modest style blogger over at Modern Modesty. I started Modern Modesty because I wanted to help ladies dress more modern, while yet still modest. My blog is a ministry to me. I love helping ladies feel more confident and look beautiful.

I wanted to share some quick modest style tips for you today! First of all, every one has different styles, I think if I had to describe my style, I would say it's a mix of classic and preppy. I think it's very important to figure out what your style is. One way to do this is to search Pinterest and pin all the outfits that would be in your dream closet. Then after you're done, go back and look at all your pins and that will tell you what kind of style you like! Then start recreating some outfits from Pinterest with some of your similar pieces. When you're out shopping try to only buy items that are remixable. (can be worn with many different outfits)

Here are some of my recent looks. I'm sharing a church outfit, work outfit, and a casual outfit.

Sundays are my favorite days to get dressed, because I always save my best outfit for Sundays!
 Skirt: Downeast Basics || Blazer: Thrifted || Necklace: Bealls Outlet || Shoes: Nine West

I am a high-school teacher, so I try to stay sophisticated and preppy for work.

 Skirt: Ann Taylor || Gingham: Bass Outlet || Mint Shirt: TJMaxx || Necklace: Rue 21 || Flats: Payless

This is my usual casual, I always try to stay classy, even in denim!
Skirt: Kosher Casual || Cardigan: Target || Necklace: Rue 21 || Shoes: Payless

Don't forget to head over to Modern Modesty!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

DIY Personalized Mugs || Video Tutorial

Hey Everyone! 

Happy New Year to you all! 

Today, instead of a hair tutorial, I decided to throw in a quick and very easy DIY.  Let me know what you think in the comment section, and don't forget to thumbs up the video and subscribe to my channel.

Oh, and before you watch the newest video, check out the picture below... Jamie (12) is one of my most dedicated blog followers and after watching the Basic Side-Bun movie, she recreated the style! 
Didn't she do a great job?! High-five, Jamie! :) :)

Here's the newest movie, DIY personalized mugs! :)