Friday, November 21, 2014

Fashion Friday || Hannah A.

Hi everyone! First of all, thanks to Eden for a) inviting me to do a Fashion Friday post, and being patient with me! I’ve been wanting to do one for a while, but for one reason or another, it’s just now happening. 

My name is Hannah, I’m 18 years old, and the oldest of 7 children. We live on a small ranch in beautiful central Oregon. I’ve been keeping busy lately with the National Bible Bee, and working on my family’s recently released film, ‘Labeled’ ( I also enjoy reading, playing music, learning new things, photography, cinematography, editing, making new friends, and spending time with my younger siblings. 
About my outfit: Dresses are probably my favorite article of clothing ever!  They’re easy, cute, and versatile, and can be dressed up or down for different occasions. Plus, most dresses can be worn in multiple seasons, with the addition of leggings and/or a sweater or jacket.  

 This is the outfit I wore to a wedding a few weeks ago. The ceremony was outside, so I added a denim jacket in case it was windy or cold.
Outfit Details~ 

Dress ~ Macy's
Boots ~ Macy's
Jacket ~ Old Navy
Tights ~ Unknown.

So what do you think? Would you wear an outfit like this?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Twice Clothing || Free Purchase

Hey Everyone! 

I recently shared with you all about, Twice, one of my favorite online consignment stores!!! Today, I'm going to step by step show you, how to make your first purchase, 100% for FREE! (Including free shipping!) Read on! :) 

Step 1: Click on the photo below and sign up, using my referral link. :) (or click HERE)

Step 2: Now that you have an account, you will be credited with $10 that you can use for your first purchase!!!  Now, you need to go to and pick out what you want.  I would suggest picking an item that is right around $7.00ish max... just to make sure you get free shipping too! 

Step 3: Once you have your item picked out, add it to your cart! You are now ready to check out! 
When you click to checkout, you will see a banner in the right hand corner that looks like this, I promise, you can't miss it! ;)
Step 4: Click the red button that says, "Enter Billing and Shipping." Enter your address and other information, and click next.  You will see a window pop up that is telling you to enter your credit card. Unless you have a credit card and want to enter it, don't. :P haha 
Step 5: Instead of clicking "Pay with Credit Card", click "Pay with PayPal". This will allow you to avoid entering a credit card number and signing into PayPal. Sneaking, huh? ;) 

 Step 6: Lastly, you need your 50% off coupon code! You can get that by click HERE, scrolling down to the bottom, and clicking on the link! (The link is near the bottom of the post!)

Step 7: Enter the coupon code at checkout. Your order total, including shipping, should be 100% FREE! How easy was that?! You didn't have to enter a credit card number, sign into paypal, and best yet, you didn't have to pay a cent! 

Step 8 (optional): Now for some fun, since you are now a member of Twice Clothing, you are now able to send your referral link to your friends, have them do the same thing you just did (only using your link!), and YOU get to earn credit! (At least $10 per order! And if you start selling your old clothes with them............;))  I think that's my favorite thing about Twice! So yeah, what are you waiting for?!?! Go make your first purchase, FOR FREE, and start earning credit!!!!!!!!!! (Note: only 1 free purchase per household. Making multiple accounts with the same address is not permitted and won't work. :))

 If you have any questions, leave me a comment, and I will try my best to answer them!

Stay tuned, giveaway coming soon! :) 


Friday, November 14, 2014

Fashion Friday || Yours Truly

Hey Everyone! 

I hope you all had a wonderful week, I know I did!

This is a new outfit, and it is swiftly becoming a favorite one! (Thanks all for the tips on wearing the sweater top, I'm having fun mixing and matching it!)

Thanks to Judah for taking the pictures!
Here is the overall look... and wow... I have no idea why my skirt looks so bright and neon!

There... that's a bit better color wise... ;) 

Outfit Details ~ 
Skirt ~ Kosher Casual - This skirt is AWESOME! It matches so well and is super cute and flowy!
Blouse ~ Pick Pocket Molly Sale Event
Sweater Top ~ Twice (Click HERE to find out how you can make your first order for FREE!)
 Shoes ~ Friend
Necklace ~ Some random store in Ethiopia! (Thanks Daddy! <3)
Earrings ~ Gypsy Affairs (Etsy Shop)
Nail Polish ~ Payless
My photographer having fun.... ;)
Last but not least, these are my earrings... I matched the color with my nail polish to give the outfit a pop of color.

So yeah... there you go! What did you think? What would you add or take away? I look forwrad to wearing this outfit more... maybe adding boots in the winter? ;) We'll see! Leave your thoughts in the comment box!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

HalfTee || Giveaway Winner!

Hey Ladies! 

I know you all have been waiting to hear who is the winner of the HalfTee giveaway! 

But first, I have to announce birthdays... and we have a lot of them! These are all of our Fall and Winter Birthdays!

#1: LaTanya T. - September 9
#2: Hannah A. - September 6
#3: Joanna P. - September 25
#4: Heather V. - September 29
#5: Maria B. - October 1
#6: Mrs. Abigail F. - October 5
#7: Raechel - October 10
#8: Katie H. - October 26
#9: Moriah R. - October 30
#10: Valerie B. - November 5
#11: Mrs. Sheri K. - November 11
#12: Mrs. Kelly C. - November 15
#13: Hannah B. - December 27
#14: Antoinette K. - December 28
#15: Holly H. - February 11

To all of you,

And now, the winner!!!

Congratulations to...
Congratulations, Gracie! Your Basic Style HalfTee in your requested size and color will be on it's way soon! 

For the rest of you, stay tuned! I have an awesome giveaway and review coming up! :D 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Last Chance || Giveaway

Hey Everyone!:) 

Just wanted to let you know that today is the LAST day to enter the HalfTee giveaway! 

Click HERE now!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Fashion Friday || Emily & Sarah P.

Hey Everyone!! 

Today, we have a duo Fashion Friday by Emily and her younger sister, Sarah! :) 

 Outfit Details~ 
Emily's boots ~ Target - Merona, $40
Emily's Skirt ~ Merona, $2
Emily's Yellow merona undershirt -free (thanks to my grandmother.(: )
Emily's old navy checked shirt -$2
Emily's yellow Sage Hill Designs flower - gift.
My earrings were a gift from the same grandmother as above.
And I made my necklace using beads from my mommy.

Sarah's jeans are Lei and she has no idea how much they cost. ;)
Jamie's shirt is Faded Glory, it was $5
Sarah's boots are circo and we have no idea how much they cost.
And her flower is also a Sage Hill design flower.
Sarah is wearing a headband that I (Emily) made and I also made the bracelet.
Sarah's lovely cast... 
Sisters <3

Be sure to check out the jewelry shop that Emily runs, His Handiwork

Sunday, November 2, 2014

HalfTee || Giveaway Reminder

Hey Everyone! 

I just wanted to let you all know that the HalfTee giveaway is still going on!!!  If you've already entered, you can STILL get more entries by sharing the giveaway with friends and family! If you haven't entered... hey, what are you waiting for?! 

Click HERE now!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Fashion Guest Post! YAY!

Well Howdy y'all! 

I'm Breanna, and I was graciously allowed to write a blog post for Fashion Friday! So here are two outfits that are perfect for Fall and Winter, as well as cool enough to wear in Spring! 
Practically speaking, it's warm enough in Texas to wear Hawaiian shirts and swim trunks most of the year, so these outfits are very lightweight material and not too long. For those of you in colder climates, just add a matching pair of leggings to almost any dress and a shawl/sweater, and it works great!

I dressed up my sister (isn't she a great model?) in my clothes to give y'all a bonus style! 

So the key thing I try and focus on is matching, and accessorizing. Hence black and white are very good colors, because most of the shoes, purses, and hats will usually be black or white. As you can see, adding a White Ribbon to Amaris' (in the polka dots) outfit, gave it a more "springy" and fun touch. I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE Ribbons, I'll wear them in my hair, around my waist, if I can't find a matching necklace I can just tie a simple satin ribbon around my neck instead. 
Aside from my hat and jewelry, I didn't accessorize much, mainly my style is to accentuate the face. 

Pearls will always add a bit fancier and more elegant touch to any outfit (since they're white-ish they'll match with ANYTHING as long as your earrings match the necklace). They're not as flashy as diamond accessories, so I wear them to the store, church, work etc.  You can get pearls from Walmart (around $5-12) or anywhere, they don't have to be real or anything, most of my jewelry isn't. ;) 
My hat.....okay I know it looks a wee bit outlandish, but I do enjoy them. This particular one I found at a local antique store for about $8. I like it because I can just change the flowers or add ribbon, and make it a Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter hat. 

Modesty, Modesty, Modestly

Isn't it such a pain to find absolutely gorgeous dresses at your local thrift store, and then you try it on and the dress (or blouse) is too lowcut? 
How do you fix that?

THESE THINGIES!!!! I honestly have no idea what they're called, but for about $15 you can get a pack of three (white, black, and neutral) at Walmart, Kohl's, JC Penney etc. 
Amaris and I are both wearing one, because we would never have bought those dresses if we didn't have these "modesty minders" or "cleavage covers". Granted, a tank can work just as well underneath, but it does get kind of hot since it adds a whole second layer. 

Shoes!!! (one of my favorite things) 

Shoes can make or break any outfit, so choose your toe-hiders well. ;)
Amaris' are  from EasySpirit, VERY comfortable, but pricey. Mine however were... *drumroll*..... FREE!!!! 
Free is the best, isn't it? My family hosts what we call a "Blessings Bash" about twice a year. We get a bunch of homeschoolers/friends together, in like a park or a gym/church, and everyone brings the things they don't want. Shoes, Clothes, Hats, Toys Office stuff, beds! I've seen it all! everything is sorted there and all the families get to take whatever they want. Absolutely no money involved. All the extras we load into a few vans and trucks and take it to Goodwill! This is where I got my sandals, as well as tons of other clothes. ^_^ 

And finally, our dresses! Both I found at Goodwill (a local thrift store) for about $4.99! They're not too flashy, but they still stand out from a distance (see how well Amaris' ribbon/bow shows up, even from a little bit away?) 
So yes, THRIFT STORES are my best friend. There are probably 10-15 discount clothing stores (Goodwill, Salvation Army) in my area, and about once a month or so I'll visit one or two, sometimes 3-5 if I'm just looking for a particular thing and can run through ;) 

Well that was kind of long-winded, but I am passionate about Fashion that not only looks good, but also sends a message to the world saying "I know I'm precious in the Lord's sight, and I will not dress down for anyone." You ladies are lovely, beautiful, and invaluable! Show your worth always, yes, but that doesn't mean to flaunt your physical "assets" like society does. 

Be creative! You have the world at your fingertips in your closet; vintage, modern, mix it up a little! Have fun with your clothes and hair. Switch which side you part your hair on, try new braids or barretts/clippies, there are no limits when you have under-covers, safety pins, and ribbons! 

Breanna Watje is a 19 year old homeschool graduate (currently attending college), born and reared in the Lone Star State, Big sister to 8 younger siblings (and 1 older), and fellow Child of God. I love dressing up, acting, and writing; as well as getting muddy, backpacking, shooting, and running around in a WWII Marine uniform shooting an M1 on a mock battlefield.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Forshee Designs || Shop Feature & Coupon Code!


Hey Ladies! 

I'm doing a quick shop feature on this very adorable Etsy shop...

Etsy Shop

About (from website): "Welcome to Forshee Designs! We use the most colorful, bright and fresh designer fabric to make our lanyards, laptop sleeves, camera strap covers, baby blankets, & aprons.

Our shop is full of exclusive and unique gifts (for yourself or someone else!) that are always the highlight of the party. Our clients love the fun fabric choices and the quality of our products. No boring gifts here!"

Two of my favorite products include... 

Cross Body Purse, Chevron Purse Small Bag, Adjustable Strap -- Gray Chevron

Black and White Damask -- Padded Laptop Sleeve -- Pocket Option -- Black and White Floral

Are those items adorable or what?! Please visit the Forshee Designs Etsy shop, and if something catches your eye.... don't forget to use the 10% coupon code,  EDEN2014 only valid through 11/14/2014!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

HalfTee || Review & Giveaway

How many of you have heard of the company, "Half Tee"?

About (from website): "Our line is designed to be worn underneath your tops, tunics, dresses and more. These innovative Halftees will quickly become a wardrobe staple. The modest neckline provides fuller coverage while the chic shape helps eliminate excess heat and tiresome tugging and pulling. Halftees are perfect for women who love the layered look...With 5 different sleeve lengths and 10 beautiful colors you can extend the wardrobe life of the favorites in your closet with just the switch of a sleeve or color! Halftee Layering Fashions offers it all! The result is simplicity and comfort that's great for any time any place--layered yet streamlined. Halftee is fashion for your everyday runway!"
Some quick examples of what a HalfTee does and how it looks...

For this review, HalfTee sent me their Basic Cap Sleeve in white.

My Thoughts~ I admit that when I first found out about HalfTee (which was awhile ago), I was a bit skeptical... it didn't seem like it would be very comfortable and functional.
After receiving my HalfTee and trying it out, I found out I was wrong!

I'm still experimenting with my HalfTee, but so far, I've found that it works great for bringing up necklines and "back-lines" (is that what you call them!? :P), doesn't bulk up around the hips or stomach,  doesn't "ride-up" (I seriously was afraid it would!), and much, much more!

One of my favorite aspects about a HalfTee is that it adds sleeves to an outfit!  Awhile back, I purchased a huge, size 10 sundress at Goodwill. I was going to turn it into a skirt, the material was beautiful!  Long story short, I got busy, didn't get the skirt made, the dress sat around forever, until the other day when I pulled it out and decided to do something with it! I'm saving the actual finished product for a Fashion Friday, so all you get to see is the before picture! ;)

Without my new HalfTee, I'd be in quite a quandary as to what to wear underneath this dress!  The HalfTee ups the neckline/back and adds adorable cap-sleeves, but without making it look frumpy, fussy, or bunchy.

Overall~ So yeah, I'm a HalfTee fan now!  I can't wait to try my HalfTee with different outfits! Do you own a HalfTee or do you have any fun ways/ideas to wear it? Leave your thoughts in the comment box!  
Please check out the HalfTee website, and who knows? You might've just found the answer to all your fashion dilemmas!

Rating: 5 Stars! HalfTee, you are AWESOME!
Recommend to a friend? YES!
Customer Service and Shipping? Was also amazing, thanks guys! 

I'd like to give a huge THANK YOU to HalfTee for not only sponsoring a review, but also......

.....A GIVEAWAY!!!  Yes, that's right, and I am SO excited! So with no further delay, please enter below!

Please use the RaffleCopter widget below to enter!
PRIZE: A HalfTee of your choice!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fashion Friday || McKenna's Stripes

Hellooo, everybody! My name is McKenna and I blog over at Cherishing My Role (in the Home). I was suprised and pleased to find Eden's invitation to do a Fashion Friday in my inbox a few weeks ago! We tried the first week, but other things came up, then the next week someone else stepped up and that brings us to today. I humbly ask you to forgive me for the lateness of today's post! I don't know where y'all live, but I'm in Kansas and it's 9:45pm. FAIL
Me doing a silly pose.

Outfit Specs:
Olive Sweater | Loft (Gift)
Striped Scarf | Gap (Gift)
Striped Skirt | Coldwater Creek (Goodwill/$3.99)
Wedges | Natual Soul by Naturalizer (Gift)

Big thanks again to Eden for thinking of me :) I hope you have a lovely evening, everyone!

McKenna Rosen is a 19 year-old homeschool graduate living in Kansas with her wonderful family of 10. She is a Costume Designer and Actress working primarily in theatre and the Independent Christian Film Industry. Her primary passion is Jesus but her activites also include, but are not limited to, sewing/designing, baking, blogging, excersize, reading and doing lots of laundry.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

His Handiwork || Giveaway Poll

Hey Everyone! 

My bestie over at His Handiwork wanted to host another giveaway over here! How awesome is that?! To make it fun, she decided to set up a poll to get your opinion on the giveaway prize! 

So... click the logo below, check out Emmy's website, pick out your favorite category, then come back and cast your vote

Click HERE to cast your vote! 
The poll will close in a week, so hurry up and vote! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fashion Friday || Me!!!

Hello Peeps!

Yes, I know, I haven't done an actual Fashion Friday in forever... but here I am at last! 

Oh, and before I get to the pictures and outfit details, I must give a HUGE thank you to my photographer... who just happened to be my extremely adorable, 8 year-old brother! <3

So this is the overall look, minis my shoes. My little photographer couldn't seem to get them in the frame. ;) 

I got my skirt at the Goodwill (duh), it's originally from Forever 21, and is basically brand-new. I am LOVING it! Being that it goes with almost anything, it is perfect for a quick "grab-n-go" outfit. 

I paired my awesome skirt with a layering tee, and a hot pink sweater. (Thanks to Emmy for the awesome fashion ideas! You rock girl! <3) Under the sweater, I sported my black Adidas belt to add a little bit of flare. I topped it off with some antique jewelry and silver flats! 
Hmmm.... still no shoes in this one.... ;)

Outfit Details~ 
Skirt ~ Goodwill, Forever 21. I think it was like $7.00?
Sweater ~ I have no clue where we got this, but I do know it's Ann Taylor Loft.
Layering Tee ~ Modest Pop
Belt ~ The Wardrobe, Adidas. I believe it cost about $3.00 at the most.
Necklace ~ Antique Store, $1.00
Earrings ~ Antique Store $0.50
Hair Clip ~ Lilla Rose
Nail Polish ~ New Seasons

 Ah yes, above, you can see my shoes and necklace! :) (Thanks to Elanee for the awesome shoes! <3)
And... here is my hair and hair-clip. It's simply French braided down both sides of my head, and joined in the back! :)

So yeah! There you go, what did you think? What would you wear with the skirt? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment box! :) 
"In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water."
-John 7:37-38

Monday, October 13, 2014

Huge Cowgirl Dirt Giveaway

Hey Everyone!

Thought you all might be interested in this! Don't forget to use my link!